Idrive Throttle Controller Holden Colorado (Rc) - 2008 - 2011 V6 Petrol Model

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Unleash the Power! and improve the throttle response of your Vehicle helping reduce the Lag feeling off the mark.

The iDRIVE throttle controller modifies the voltage signal from the fly-by-wire pedal assembly to allow you to tune the response from your accelerator pedal and greatly reduce throttle lag.

The iDRIVE does this by providing new points of reference for your vehicles throttle mapping. It is still working within the standard parameters; however, it introduces a far sharper throttle curve. It is also bringing the throttle in earlier throughout the pedal stroke to reduce throttle lag/dead zone in the pedal.

Easy Installation:

-The iDRIVE plugs directly into your accelerator pedal module and can generally be installed in as little as 5 minutes.
-Watch Installation video example on Youtube:

The iDRIVE features four driving modes ensuring there is the perfect throttle response for any driving style or situation.

Modes include:

ECONOMY MODE is designed for economy by reducing the accelerator response time. Also handy when you are on the trails and looking for a bit more throttle control when crawling.

ULTIMATE MODE. with 9 sensitivity levels which allows the driver to tune the controller to the desired level of sensitivity. Choose level 9 and grip the steering wheel tight or hit level 1 for a gentle smooth acceleration.

AUTOMATIC CONTROL MODE. A function that changes the level of throttle performance based on pedal pressure. So if you are in traffic and accelerating gently the iDRIVE will select setting 1. If you are accelerating hard to overtake, towing a heavy trailer, or just having fun the iDRIVE will select 9. The result is the smoothest aftermarket control module available.

OFF (returns to factory settings and you can drive like it is not installed, and simply turn on later when you decide to use again)

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