155/80R13 Goodyear Duraplus Tyre

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Brand: Goodyear
Pattern: Duraplus (Asymmetric)
Load/Speed: 79T
Size: 155/80R13 . 155/80/13

The Goodyear Duraplus has been designed to deliver a durable and long lasting tread by utilising Goodyear Tredlife Technology. Behind Tredlife Technology are a number of tyre design innovations made to deliver longer lasting treads. It incorporates a wider tread profile that leads to an increased road footprint and more wearable rubber in contact with the road. Furthermore, an advanced carbon-based tread compound is used so that the tyre has a higher resistance to frictional wear, which can further increase the tyre's tread life and increase mileage.


Long wearing tread compound
Asymmetric tread design
High rubber-to-void ratio with wide tread width


Better wear on hard abrasive surfaces
Helps provide strong cornering and improved water dispersion for superior grip in wet conditions
Even tread wear with extended kilometers

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