195/55R16 Kingstar Sk10 Tyre

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Brand: Kingstar
Pattern: SK10 (Asymmetric)
Load/Speed: 87V
Size: 195/55R16 . 195/55/16

The all new King star SK10 asymmetric tire is the latest introduction to the Kingstar Tyre range. The SK10 was developed, trialed & tested at Hankook's tyre development centre in Korea, especially for King star.

The SK10 asymmetric tyre supersedes the K106 directional pattern

So why did Kingstar decide to replace a directional tyre with an asymmetric? Basically, asymmetric tyre technology is the new wave in tyre design.

They have all the performance & water dispersal attributes associated with directional tyres combined with the low noise levels and comfort normally associated with traditional non directional tyres. All of this combined with Kingstar's value price points offers an unbeatable deal.

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