195/50R15 Hankook Ventus RS4 Z232 86V Tyre

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Brand: Hankook
Pattern: Ventus RS4 Z232 (Directional) 

Ultimate performance for street and circuit driving applications. The successor of the Ventus R-S3. The Ventus R-S4 features an aggressive direction pattern and optimised tread contact rate per block to provide tyre stability for performance driving use.

Reinforcement for shoulder nylon cover

You can experience excellent handling and cornering performance by minimizing deformation of shoulder tread by setting up reinforced nylon cover around the corner which endures the highest load in cornering. Moreover, we reduce the problem that the load on the shoulder is weighted due to the air pressure is relatively low in case of products which pursue Fast LapTime. In case of high camber setting vehicle, it reduces partial side wear and unusual wear of inside tread.

New carbonblack and silica type racing compound.

Improved wet performance by adding silica. Increased stiffness and heat generation of compound by applying functional resin.

2 Layer joint-less nylon full cover

Stabilizes tread for long life and optimizes handling.

Beadfiller + SRFM (Side Reinforcement)


Wide 2 steel belt

Tread handling.

Balanced carcass line design

Minimized deformation on side and stiffened side.



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