195/60R14 Falken Azenis RT615K+ 86H Tyre

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Brand: Falken
Pattern: RT615K+ (Asymmetric)

Street-Legal motorsport performance tyre and a DOT-Approved Track Tire

The AZENIS RT615K+ is a championship-winning street tire that is extremely popular for today's sports cars, performance compacts and sedans. With its world-spec construction and advanced compound for street and track use, the RT615K confidently maintains grip both in street and track conditions. Through its proprietary technology, the motorsports inspired 8/32nd tread design and solid center rib provide significant traction and sustains strong grip in dry conditions.

The RT615K+ is the track tire of choice with a UTQG rating of 200 A-A.

-Massive Sport Side Shoulder Blocks Deliver motorsports level grip and unsurpassed durability.
-Varible Shoulder Depth Design Helps reduce tread block squirm and promote long lasting wear uniformity.
-Solid Center Rib Significantly reduces wheel spin by reducing contact patch void ratio under heavy acceleration.
-High Tension Carcass Increases handling response and high speed stability.
-Steel Belts Offer greater tread rigidity, superior grip and high speed stability.
- Joint-less Nylon Cap Ply Increases durability at high speeds and promotes long lasting even wear.


Customer Reviews

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Christopher Johnston
Less than 2 days delivered to my door

Based in CHCH. Didn't realise that the 2 day delivery service would literally take less than 2 days. Very surprising. Tyres were also performance tyres in an odd size so didn't expect them to that super fresh - but checked dates when they arrived and they were manufactured within the year. Very satisfied.

Will update with my impressions on tyre performance once I have more kms under my belt.

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