1 Litre Bottle Of Motul Ff Type 2 75W90 Lsd Gear Oil

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1 litre bottle of Motul type 2 FF-LSD 75W90 gear oil.

Lubricant for Transmission & differential with mechanical LSD

-Low friction type
-Complex ester based

Specially designed for FF (Front-engine/Front-drive) type transmission with mechanical LSD (Limited Slip Differential) system.

Suitable for all transmission (synchronized or non-synchronized), 6-speed transmission, gearbox with differential, transfer gearbox and hypoid differentials with or without LSD.

All types of cars: Circuit, Group A, Rally, Gymkhana, Tuned, 4WD


100% synthetic lubricants with ester having excellent anti wear protection, extreme pressure

Performance and thermal stability at high temperature

Stable frictional performance along with temperatures

Included friction modifiers avoid noisy or dragging limited slip differential with appropriate torque transferring

Smooth shifting

Motul FF 75w90 Type 2 Gear Oil is recommended for all Honda Racing Gearboxes using GEAR-X Final Drives, Close Ratio Gear Sets or Gear-X Dog Boxes.

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