1 Litre Bottle Of Motul 8100 Eco-Clean 0W30 Oil

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1 litre bottle of Quality Motul 8100 eco clean C2 0w30 fully synthetic motor oil.

Great oil for Toyota Hilux & Highlander etc where oem specs require a 0W30 oil.

100% Synthetic Fuel Economy - Mid-SAPS lubricant, recommended for new Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines requiring a "Fuel Economy" lubricant:

ACEA C2 standard.

Compatible with catalytic converters & Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)


Viscosity grade SAE J 300 0W-30
Density at 20°C (68°F) ASTM D1298 0.839
Viscosity at 40°C (104°F) ASTM D445 49.3 mm˛/s
Viscosity at 100°C (212°F) ASTM D445 9.6 mm˛/s
HTHS viscosity at 150°C (302°F) ASTM D4741 2.9 mPa.s
Viscosity index ASTM D2270 183
Pour point ASTM D97 -45°C / -49°F
Flash point ASTM D92 226°C / 438.8°F
Sulfated ash ASTM D874 0.78% weight
TBN ASTM D2896 7.4 mg KOH/g

If you own the latest model Toyota Hilux, Fortuna, Prado 1GDFTV or RAV4 2ADFTV fitted with a DPF this is the only oil you can use that wont void your warranty.

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