20 Litre Of Premixed Motul Mocool In Demineralised Water

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1 x 20 litre Bottle of De-Mineralised water pre mixed with 2 x 500ml bottles of Motul Mocool radiator additive.

Engines run up to 15'C/30'F Cooler
-Suit Street, Race & Offroad Use
-Improves Heat Transfer
-Increases Performance
-Reduces Corrosion
-Compatible with Coolants
-When overheating is observed or in racing conditions to decrease engine operating temperature.
-Recommended for magnesium, aluminium alloys cases, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze systems.
-Suitable with Seals, rubber pipes, and plastics parts friendly.

Demineralised water is specially purified water that has had all of its mineral & salt ions removed, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Chloride, Sulphate, Nitrate and Bicarbonate for use in Batteries, Cooling Systems, Heat Exhangers or any application that requires water with a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of 0ppm.

Also known as Deionised,

Compared to regular tap or bottled water demineralise water provides the below qualities

Leaves No residue on the surface when left to dry
Reduces the build up of scale in cooling systems
Provides optimum heat transfer when mixing with cooling enhancing additives.
Reduces the degradation of cooling fluid caused by minerals & chemicals such as lime, Magnesium, Chlorine etc

Great product to be used with Motul MoCool & Motul Inugel Expert & Optimal

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