250Ml Bottle of Motul Valve Expert Lead Sustitute

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250ml bottle of Quality Motul Valve expert lead substitute.

All old engines fitted with soft exhaust valve seats which require lead in the gasoline to lubricate and protect from recession : cars, bikes, boats, gardening engines.

Must not be used with engines fitted with catalytic converters.

The phosphorus formulation provides outstanding valve seats lubrication and protects from recession.

Better performance than potassium based products and gasoline

Press on the bottle to fill the upper container and pour the right dosage in the gas tank before refilling with unleaded gasoline.

Mixing Ratio recommended

10 Litres fuel & 10ml valve expert
20 Litres fuel & 20ml valve expert
50 Litres fuel & 50ml valve expert
250 Litres fuel & 250ml valve expert

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