255/30R19 Nankang Ns20 91Y Tyre

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Brand: Nankang
Pattern: NS20 (Directional)

The Nankang NS20 is an Ultra High Performance tyre that’s produced using the latest in tyre technology. The NS20 is designed and tested to handle both wet and dry conditions, giving complete confidence behind the wheel.Engineered to excite the drivers of sporty coupes and performance sedans, the NANKANG NS-20 is the right choice for today’s performance enthusiast.


  • Straight Wide Grooves - 4 straight wide grooves enhance tyre drainage efficiency and maneuverability on wet road condition.

  • Sub-Straight Groove - The two sub straight grooves on tyre shoulders assist the main grooves drainage efficiency and reduce uneven tread wear.

  • Tiny Lateral Kerfs - The kerfs can reduce pattern noise caused by tyre rolling.

  • Sipes - Sipes on tyre shoulder reduce tyre block rigidity, lower the noise from road, and increase comfort ability. NANKANG design team creates NS-20 with 5 pitches computer simulation technology to decrease noise at high speed.

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