4 Litre Bottle Of Motul H-Tech 10W40 100% Synthetic Oil

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4 litre bottle of Quality Motul H Tech plus 10w40 fully synthetic motor oil.

Motul HTech Plus 10w40 100% Synthetic Oil is designed for fuel economy performance especially for recent gasoline engines equipped with catalytic converters.

100% Synthetic. H-TECH 100 Plus has been developed & tested in accordance with the latest performance specifications. It incorporates the latest lubricants technology to meet the ILSAC GF-4 fuel economy performance. Formulated with high performance additives to provide enhanced stability to oxidation which prevents oil thickening & sludge formation problems. Outstanding anti-wear properties for better engine wear protection.

Meets the following standards: API SL/SH/SG and JASO MA

Recommended for all 4-stroke engines.

Ester Technology improves engine response.

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