5 Litre Bottle Of Motul 2100 Powerlight 10W40 Oil

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5 litre bottle of Quality Motul 2100 Power 10w40 engine oil.

Technosynthese® (synthetic based) lubricant specially designed for recent and powerful cars, particularly resistant to extreme conditions met during long journey on motorway at high speed, or Stop & Go use.

Suitable for all types of gasoline or diesel engines, using all types of leaded or unleaded fuel , diesel and LPG.

SAE 10W-40 viscosity grade is fully adapted to recent gasoline or diesel engines. The synthetic base stock provides very high lubricating power which reduces frictions & ensures resistance to very high temperatures reached in modern engines.

Anti-oxidation, Anti-wear, Anti-corrosion, Anti-foam properties.


Mercedes-Benz 229.1
VW 500.00 / 505.00

Viscosity at 100°C - 13.9 mm˛/s
Viscosity at 40°C - 92.6 mm˛/s
Viscosity index - 154
TBN - 9.8

Perfect for Japanese performance N/A engines, Honda VTEC, Toyota 4AGE, 3SGE, 2ZZGE, Mistsubishi MIVEC, Nissan VVL etc as well as standard turbo engines like SR20DET, RB20DET, EJ20T, 4G63T, 3SGTE, 1JZGTE, 2JZGTE etc

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