500Ml Bottle Of Motul Rbf660 Racing Brake Fluid

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500ml bottle of Quality Motul RBF 660 racing brake fluid.

Motul RBF660 race brake fluid is suitable for all types of hydraulic actuated-brake and clutch systems requiring a high quality, dot4 non-silicone synthetic fluid.

Specially designed to resist to high temperature of racing actuated-brake (steel or carbon) and clutch systems, this quality brake fluid is particularly suitable for the demands of racing and for those requiring a very high performance brake fluid.

RBF660 also exceeds the DOT 5.1 and DOT 3 brake fluid standards, except for viscosity at - 40°C (-40°F).

RBF 660 is a 100% synthetic brake fluid from polyglycol bases

Very high wet and dry boiling points help prevent vapor lock and fade.

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