Full River HC28 - (PC925) 410Cca Performance AGM Battery
Full River HC28 - (PC925) 410Cca Performance AGM Battery

Full River HC28 - (PC925) 410Cca Performance AGM Battery

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Quality Fullriver HC series battery ingeniously uses absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology to offer the characteristics of 2 seperate batteries providing high engine cranking pulses for 5 secs while offering high reserve capacity.

Fullriver's HC dual purpose batteries are your best solution for a high capacity starting battery with unrivalled reserve capacity to power all your accessories. Particularly suited to performance vehicles, exotics & highly tuned environments.

Replacement for Odyssey PC925


Brand: Full River
Series: HC Series - Hard Core Fullriver Dual Purpose AGM Batteries

Technical Specifications

Volts: 12
PHCA: 925A (5 sec)
CCA: 410 (Rated)
AH: 28 (20Hr)
RC: 55 min
Short circuit current: 2400A
Operation temp: -30°C to 50°C

Fitment Details

Length: 165mm
Width: 176mm
Height: 125mm
Terminal: M8
Weight: 10.7kg


  • High Capacity starting power – to start any size engine
  • Safe installation for motorsport applications
  • Can be mounted in any direction (excluding upside down)
  • Highest reserve capacity in the industry – to power a wide range of accessories
  • Cycling capability – to provide the longevity you need
  • Superior conductivity – brass terminals provide greater electrical transmission
  • Durability - rugged design to withstand shock & vibration
  • Charge efficiency – faster recharge than conventional wet batteries
  • Long shelf life – only 1% self-discharge per month
  • Convenience - Maintenance Free sealed construction – no water needed
  • Safety – DOT, IATA, IMDG and ICAO certified as NON-SPILLABLE

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