Nolathane 48166 Vt-Vz Adjustable Castor Bush Kit

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Nolathane adjustable front radius/ strut rod bushes.

Often people may receive slight shuddering under braking if these bushes are worn out and replacing these and having a wheel alignment carried out makes a great difference to your handling.

48166 Kit contains:
2 x bushes with shims to adjust castor

Shim adjustable caster kit - offers -0.5deg to +1.25deg incl can be set to standard setting

Product Benefits
This Nolathane caster kit will radically optimise the performance of your vehicle.

Obtain positive caster angle retention, crisp handling and enhanced braking performance under all conditions.

To Suit Models: VT, VU, VX, VY & VZ, WK, WL, WH

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