Motul Diesel Fuel Injector & Fuel System Cleaner (300 Ml Can)

Motul Diesel Fuel Injector & Fuel System Cleaner (300 Ml Can)

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300ml can of Quality Motul fuel system clean for diesel engines.

MOTUL DIESEL SYSTEM CLEAN is designed to be used in all types of Diesel engine with direct or indirect injection, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, with or without catalytic converter.

Effectively cleans dirtying & clogging which appear in the whole Diesel fuel system.

Helps clean:

condensation in the fuel system
gumming in the injection pump
injector nozzle fouling
dirtying of combustion chambers and inlet valves

Provides a perfect lubrication during cleaning phase & prevents removed micro-particles from depositing. Moreover, it prevents from Diesel fuel oxidation & microorganisms formation.

Simply pour one can in the tank before refueling,

1 x can is sufficient for tanks up to 60 litres.

The recommended mixing ratio is 0.50% (200:1). Do not exceed the recommended proportion.

For larger fuel tanks you may be required to use 2 cans.

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