Motul Oil Change Kit For Nissan Navara D40 2.5 Litre Diesel Turbo

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Vehicle service kit for the home mechanic for the vehicle model below which will enable you to service your vehicle yourself using quality products.

Vehicle Make: Nissan
Model: Navara
Chassis: D40
Engine: YS25DDTI 2.5 litre diesel turbo
Year: 2005 - 2015

Service kit comes with the following

1 x 5 litre pack of Motul 913D Specific 5w30 engine oil
2 x 1 litre packs of Motul 913D Specific 5w30 engine oil

1 x Quality Ryco Z89A oil filter.
1 x Windscreen service label
1 x small Motul rear window sticker
1 x Sump plug washer

Specially designed for FORD & OEMs such as Jaguar & Land Rover requiring low HTHS (High Temperature High Shear) viscosity oil (between 2.9 and 3.5 mPa.s)

Suitable for all type of Gasoline & Diesel engines requiring a Fuel Economy lubricant (ACEA A1/B1 or A5/B5 standards) in SAE 5W-30 viscosity grade & Full SAPS

(Sulfated Ash, Phosphorous, Sulfur) technology.

Compatible with catalytic converters & Diesel Particulates Filter (DPF).

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