Motul C2 Road Bike Chain Lube 150Ml Spray Can (Small)

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150ml spray can of Motul c2 road bike chain lube

Lubricant for road motorcycle chains

Colorless and very sticky spray


All types of chains : standard and with O-RING, X-RING, Z-RING.
Street motorcycles, go-karts.
Specially recommended for very fast motorcycles :
MOTUL CHAIN LUBE ROAD adheres to the chain even at high speeds.


Reduces friction and loss of power.
Increases chain durability.
Water and rust resistant.
No action on seals.
Contains a solvent to eliminate old residue and to penetrate into the links.


Clean the chain with MOTUL CHAIN CLEAN.
Shake before use.
Apply to the whole length of the inner chain :
MOTUL CHAIN LUBE ROAD adheres completely after a few minutes.

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