Trufit 14" Euro Style Wiper Blade (355mm)

Trufit 14" Euro Style Wiper Blade (355mm)

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Are you tired of poor quality wiper blades that leave streaks on your windscreen and shudder?

Your windscreen wipers are a critical piece of safety to ensure you can safely drive in the rain.

Trufit Euro wiper blades are a premium grade wiper that profeshional workshops use worldwide.

Use a brand that profeshionals trust.

Easy to install with the provided fitting guide. These can be installed in minutes & will improve driving on rainy days and provide safe motoring.

To select the correct size for your vehicle simply measure your wiper blades and order the correct sizes required.

Each wiper blade comes with comes with 12 adapters for use with 99% of vehicles on New Zealand Roads

Suitable for most japanese, European and American vehicles


  • Aeroflex® technology & sleek aerodynamic design reduces wind lift & maximises performance at high speed

  • Internal pre-tensioned steel beam curved to ensure maximum contact with windscreen

  • Quick fit multi functional design that comes with 12 adapters for 99% of vehicles on New Zealand Roads

  • Zinc alloy anti-ware connector for optimum performance

  • TPR spoiler design uses air flow increase blade to windshield performance

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